Monday, June 20, 2011

My Little Darlin, PT day 29, by David

I have always been a fairly patient person and have understood the concept of delayed gratification since I was a child.  These concepts and or traits have benefited me very well over the years.  I am battling both now but have no choice other than to continue to live by both.  This has to do with My Little Darlins current status.  She is far better off than she was just over four weeks ago.  When this first happened and for several days early on I was not sure if she was going to survive.  There have been several fires that developed and were successfully put out to get her where she is today.  The lungs and broken bones are healing.  She is completely independent off the ventilator.  I do not think she will need any kind of invasive intervention on any of her fractures.  The only possibilities would be Kyphoplasty (injection of glue into the vertebral fracture) and at a later date surgery on her L hand.  The vertebral fracture will likely do fine with only a back brace and time.  The finger only if it bothers her down the road.  Her neurological status weighs very heavily on me.  This morning she will maintain eye contact for extended periods of time.  Can not tell if or what she understands.  She will not follow a voice command.  I tried to give her a written command.  She would look at the print but would not give any indication of understanding.  She has numerous facial expressions that are typical of Jan.  The best I can read these suggest concentration.  The brain is too complex for my simple mind but I would venture she is having complex thoughts that she can not express.  I showed her numerous photos including us, grandchildren, children, friends and our dogs.  She would look at them but would not give any expression of understanding or emotion.  Her body movements include the R arm which may be slightly more than it was yesterday.  Moves both legs right more than left.  Still no movement of her L arm but I have felt some muscle contraction.  I have talked to numerous people either directly or by text who have either experienced or had family members with similar injuries and good outcomes.  I am well aware that I will not hear of the ones with bad outcomes but that is ok, I only want to hear about the good ones.  I do not like this but Jan and I have to deal with it.  I realize that there is no choice but to be patient and be encouraged by the small changes.  These can be hard for me to see since I see her hour by hour.  I  worry quite a bit about what is going on inside Jan's head and how frustrated, confused and perhaps angry she must be.   

She is doing well enough that I suspect she will be moved out of critical care and into a step down unit soon if not today.  I will be able to stay with her there.  I would also expect her to be moved to a rehab center in the very near future.

I am getting frustrated with the length of the investigation and no answers.  Hopefully soon.

I am going to repeat over and over to everyone that will listen or read, there are things that need to be done or changed to limit things like what happened to Jan.  

Continue to preach awareness for those that use the road for activity other than driving an auto.  A bicycle is a legal vehicle on public roads.  More importantly it should not be about a law but consideration and respect for another human beings life.  What ever happened to common courtesy!  People should not be afraid to pursue a healthy lifestyle.  I have a novel idea, why not harass people for driving an automobile rather than walking or riding a bike to get where they are going?  How dare me suggest such a thing.

Put the cell phone away when you are in that car.  I do not care who you are or how important you think you are there is nothing you can do or say on that cell phone while driving down the road that warrants putting someones life in jeopardy.  I am not without fault on this but will never use a cell phone again while driving.  Harm someone while doing this, then you should pay a very harsh penalty.  We must make this a law!

Get off the couch. I have spent many hours and days sitting in this critical care waiting room.  The number of morbidly obese people that come through as family and friends is astounding.  I hear them talk about the illness that got someone in the critical care unit and many talk about their own illnesses.  Many of these are preventable having been caused by poor lifestyle choices.  It is not rocket surgery.  


I Love My Little Darlin, she is my solemate,  give me patience, give us her life back, please
Thanks for listening/reading my rambles

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  1. I pray for full recovery for Jan. My family and I always love coming by Boardtown when we come back "home" to Starkville for weekends and ride around town. I'm extremely sorry to hear of this accident. I've had many clients who've been hurt while riding, although not as severely as Jan has been injured. Again as a fellow rider, and as a person, my thoughts go out to you and her.