Friday, July 15, 2011

My Little Darlin, PT day 53, by David

Day 17 at Shepherd.   They provide an apartment for me to stay in a building next door connected by a cross walk. For thirty days that is.  Takes less than 5 minutes door to door for me to get to Jan but I am now sleeping in the room with her on a fold out chair.  It gives her comfort for me to be here and actually makes me feel better too.  I could not do anything for so many weeks but at least now I can give her some security by my presence.  Do not know who this helps more me or her.  Their initial estimate for her being discharged from inpatient therapy was August 9th.  This was before she had the turnaround she has had over the past several days.   In my eyes Jan is progressing well enough that I do not see her being an inpatient that long. Not sure if it will be 2 more weeks to make the 30 days.  She will need outpatient therapy and Shepherd has an outpatient facility that is the best place for that but as bad as Jan wants to go home I do not know if I can convince her to stay here.  Those of you that know Jan well know I will have my hands full if she does not agree to stay and she badly wants to go home- yesterday.  Options are to go straight to Shepherds outpatient program, go home for a short visit and come back or look for something closer to home.  I have been told of a few brain injury outpatient programs in Jackson.  This would be a good location with family in Jackson.  Have not checked into what is available in Tupelo.   All I can say is the terms outpatient treatment, home, getting better are good things to be talking about.

I have had several people ask me about felony charges after the re interviews by the DA.  There will be no felony charges.  We need to keep pushing on getting the laws changed because we are free targets out there as Mississippi law stands.  Is it only me or does it seem that laws tend to protect those that it should persecute and ignore the victims?  Can anyone help me explain to My Little Darlin how she almost lost her life and is trying to get it back over here in Atlanta not to mention hundreds of thousands of dollars in medical bills and the person responsible has not even gotten anything as much as a traffic ticket?  The irony is if I had done this to this woman do you think my only expense would be a misdemeanor fine?  It seems our laws and government increasingly enables and protects irresponsible behavior.  Just some thoughts about the way it appears to me and yes I do have a bitter taste in my mouth when I think about the injustice that has been shown to my wife.


I Love My Little Darlin, she still wants to go home.


  1. I feel your frustration as a 19 year old community college student hit me..we know he lied on the police report but there is nothing we can do I have no recourse and it is horrible horrible feeling. I try not to dwell on it but it makes me so mad... After reading all your blogs I believe that Jan andi have the same temperament and is probably kept us both alive but sometimes it can get in the way of letting these go. My husband is content to not pursue anything but everyday I think of how his careless act changed my life forever.

  2. Met with Congressman Perlmutter today. Discussed a lot of things involving cyclist safety today, including making the 3-foot law national, and including additional penalties in cases where violations of the law results in injury. I even brought up Jan's situation and how the legal system has treated what happened to her.

    Things I discussed w/ Congressman Ed Perlmutter today...

    1. Making the 3 foot law National, with felony penalties when its violation results in cyclist injury.

    2. More citations for cyclists, a cyclist "Traffic School," more education for both cyclists and drivers (maybe some PSA's nation wide?)

    3. Planning for bicycle paths / lanes. Avoiding certain hazards (not national, but he has contacts), such as the hazard for the paved path on 20th between Wadsworth & Kipling- right next to high fences & walls in a residential area, an accident waiting to happen from cars backing out of driveways.

    4. Tacking some cycling programs, including cycling safety and PSA's to Michelle Obama's "Let's Move" campaign. Perhaps also do something to expand "Wish for Wheels" into that campaign.

    5. Black Hawk, and how their bicycle ban sets a precedent for other cities to do the same (he wasn't aware of what was going on there), and how their ban would appear to justify some of the negative attitudes toward cyclists, even though there hadn't been a single injury incident leading up to it. (he seemed VERY interested in addressing this).

    6. Headphones... cyclists wearing them just weren't hearing me OR the cars when I'd shout "Car Back," and failing to move over for them, and failing to move over when I'd yell "passing!" or "on your left!" because they couldn't hear me, forcing me into a dangerous position, when there was plenty of room for them to move over. (this was last week, during an event here called the "Triple Bypass.)

    7. Education, Education, Education! Cyclists need to know how the laws apply to them, and drivers need to learn how to be more patient, and how the laws apply to cyclists as well!

    You'll be happy to know that he took notes on EVERYTHING I discussed with him, including info on the newsletter I write for and SFPD's "Bikes Belong in Traffic" PSA. As a cyclist himself, he was very interested in all of it (and even admitted to running stop signs & lights on his bike as well- who hasn't run a sign/light? I'm guilty too).

  3. It must help Jan so much that you are there in the foldout chair. I know it would if it were me in her place and my husband was there.

    If you are willing, I recommend suing the driver in civil court. Her choices should have consequences.

    We keep you in our thoughts.