Monday, July 11, 2011

My Little Darlin, PT day 47

Day 11 at Shepherd.    I could not see my little sweetness until 4 pm.  When I came in she was in bed.  She looked up and smiled at me and then we went on to have a conversation.  A week ago she might would focus for 5-10 seconds with no short term memory and extreme agitation.  Today she watched a video of two of our granddaughters and read a card made by the other two.  She listened attentively while I read several get well cards.  Her nurse told me the therapist had her up walking today, only a few steps but still she was walking.  Who knows we may make that marathon in January.  She was completely oriented to place and time.  She still has some paranoia saying nurses are laughing at her and she wants to leave because they are mean to her.  I ask her what they did that was mean?  She said they told her she did not have a choice about the therapy that she had to do it.  I let her know she could blame me for that because I agreed.  I told her she was in training to get out of here and the harder she trained the quicker she could get out of here.  This seemed to register.  The nurse telling me about her walking and I were discussing what Jan said about the mean nurse/ therapist.  I told the nurse with Jan listening that they needed to be pushing Jan hard and Jan stuck her tongue out at me.  She is clearly improving and it makes me smile.  She is also moving her left arm more and more.  I was told yesterday that the projected discharge to outpatient status was August 9.  I can not help but hope if she continues to accelerate her improvement then just maybe it will be sooner.  We will still have outpatient therapy that will be necessary and I will not get too excited for fear of bursting my bubble but I am enjoying the moment :).

I want to thank my State Representative Gary Chism who let me know he would be happy to co-author the 3-foot law amendment being submitted by Representative Margaret Ellis Rogers who I also thank.  Please everyone if you have not contacted your state Representative and Senator then do it and encourage them to support this.  It will not pass unless they know it is important.

If you have not read the post about the Georgia Tech professor who was killed then read it.  Do not have the details but he was hit by a motorists from behind.  Anything that distracts you while driving can lead to something like this.  Some distractions occur without warning and unfortunately but others such as using a cell phone take a conscious decision to do or from now on not do.  We will never prevent all incidences such as this from happening but we can certainly decrease the number by wise choices.

I think anyone who reads this is very conscious of sharing the road philosophy.  We all need to continue to pass that on so that it is at least put into the mind of as many as possible.

If you bike, run or walk then know the rules you are supposed to use and use them.  Do not give us all a black eye.  Don't forget to wear bright colors.  The brighter the better.  Better to be seen and not need it than not to be seen and have needed it.  You will not walk away.  Be wary of what the other guy is doing.  Just because you see them does not mean they see you.

Bike Walk Mississippi has a lot of things in the works that will benefit us all.  Give them your support.


Immediately before I posted this Jan said "so, does this mean I get a pass on the ironman?"

I Love My Little Darlin, today is a very good day

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