Tuesday, July 5, 2011

My Little Darlin, PT day 43, by David

1 week at Shepherd Center.  Since I see Jan day to day it can be difficult to see improvements she has made.  Remember the saying bad things happen fast and good things happen slow.  When I reflect on how she was last Monday compared to now there are clear improvements.  Early on I remember thinking all I wanted (at the time) was for her to open her eyes and give me that acknowledging eye contact.  Now she yells or screams any number of unbecoming things directly at me (she talks like a seasoned sailor).  Just goes to show you be careful what you wish for ;).  The yelling, screaming, crying and agitation are part of her evolving change and is an improvement from how she was one week ago (TIGT).  I am confident this will continue to improve.  I have not had her look at me with those loving eyes yet but I know it will come.  Our friend Lecia who used to practice anesthesia with Jan mentioned the laser look that could back down a rhino.  Not that I have ever done anything in the past to warrant such a look (honest) this look has been amplified in her current state and is used often with accompanying verbiage not meant for young ears.  We all just smile and talk calmly to her because she truly can not help it.  Today is July the 4th so no significant therapy has been done.  The Peach Tree Road race was today.  60,000 runners ran past Shepherd.  Several of the patients were taken out to watch and cheer the participants on.  Did not take Jan, she would not have been a happy camper out there.  A fantastic thing was several of the runners would run up on the sidewalk and give the patients high fives and many others would yell out praises for Shepherd.  This is a good place.

I did a television interview with the local NBC station last evening.  Talked to one of the reporters some more today on the phone who called after she read  more of the details of what happened to Jan.  She told me of one professor from Georgia Tech who was hit and killed this weekend while riding his bike in Florida and of another bicyclist hit and killed around 7:00 this morning in Atlanta.  Jan's story will be a small part talking about these incidences on the NBC affiliate news cast tonight.  She did not have any details about the other cyclists accidents other than at least one of them was hit from behind.

I got a Facebook message yesterday from someone who is very aware of non-motorist on the road.  Her note pointed out very well how we as cyclists and runners must do our part to limit our risks.  She described seeing a cyclist with black helmet, black jersey, black shorts and black bicycle who was difficult to see while riding in the shadows.  Not only should we obey the rules of the road but dress in very bright colors.  I would even suggest using a high quality red flashing safety light even in daylight.  Anything that will get a motorist attention should be done for your own safety.  If they notice you instinct should make them avoid you if they are a normal human being.

Please everyone keep up the letter writing to your senators and representatives regarding the amendment to the 3 foot law.  While I suspect getting people to voluntarily not use their cell phone while driving or getting a cell phone law passed banning their use while driving would be almost impossible, at least the threat of  criminal punishment if causing severe harm or death by violating this law might make people a little more aware of the choices made that distract while driving.  It will not happen unless the politicians know it is important to those that elect them.

I have been whining about how hard this is and it does suck but I am giving myself some of my own medicine.  It is time to HTFU!  I will continue to post on My LIttle Darlins progress and if there are any setbacks, which I do not expect, as long as the feedback indicates people are still interested.  What has happened has happened and we must deal with it.  If I whine to any of you then just tell me HTFU ;-).  I will tell those of you that don't know, this is a phrase we use biking, training etc when it gets hard (previous HTFU funny story I posted about Jan).   It stands for Harden The F Up.   I do not mean to offend anyone with this but it is what it is and it fits here and now.  When the time is appropriate I will tell Jan this too.  That will be a good thing.



I Love My Little Darlin,


  1. David, please keep writing, especially if having this outlet helps you. Many folks care about you and Jan. If "whining" to us helps you feel better, do it! Your blog helps focus attention on the inadequacy of the current laws. What happened to Jan should have never happened, but your blogging may help protect others. You both remain in our thoughts.

    Folks, please write to your legislators about toughening the 3' law.

    Please join Bike Walk Mississippi, they work to change the law.

  2. Please keep writing I check back everyday to see how not only Jan is doing but that you are holding up as well! I am an avid cyclist in FL we have way too many cyclists die here on the the back roads and no one ever gets charged it's very sad. I would love to see the 3ft law not only come into effect but enforced! I also would like to see all states follow those like Washington state where a hands free device is the law and you can't use a cell phone without. You can actually drive there without every 2nd car having its driver on the phone its nice to know the drivers are watching the road and paying attention to it and the cyclist/runners on it.

  3. I don't think that anyone will ever have the right to tell you to HTFU. Ever. There are times to HTFU and times to vent. You go right ahead and vent, you have the right, unfortunately. Please vent here (you need an outlet) and keep us informed of Jan's progress. We are praying for you both (and Shepherd)

  4. We check the updates every day and they are very encouraging. It sounds like Jan is progressing right on schedule for someone with the level of injuries she sustained. Keep us updated if you have the time. Go Jan Go!
    -Melissa and the Blufish Design Crew

  5. I wear a reflective safety vest even during the day, just to be as visible as possible.

    It can't protect against an accident like Jan's, but it makes me feel a bit more visible.

    I've got you both in my hopes! I just know Jan will pull through this!