Monday, June 20, 2011

Quick apology, by john

Hey all, I apologize for not getting days 27-29 out late. I was out of town and had less access to internet than I expected.   I know all of you are faithfully reading this blog, keeping up with Jan's progress.  I'll make sure I have a backup plan in the future.


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  1. "It is not rocket surgery" Show that to Jan when she can read, she will have a laugh. Great news about the ventilator and the versed and the eye contact especially! Don't apologize, you have nothing to apologize for. Of course you are on an emotional roller coaster. Who wouldn't be? Of course it may be hard to update sometimes. Don't worry about any of that. Just be there for Jan like you have been, and take care of yourself too, and we'll read your updates when you post them. Things are looking up, may they continue to do so. Hang in there.