Monday, June 20, 2011

My Little Darlin, PT day 28, by David

TIVGT!!!!  (translation - THIS IA A VERY GOOD THING).  Yesterday her versed was stopped completely at 2 pm.  At 5 pm her nurse asked that I come back because she seemed restless.  She was somewhat agitated but her eyes had a bright alert look.  I also felt there were brief moments of direct eye contact.  This morning there was definite prolonged eye contact.  Her eyes were very bright and alert appearing.  She still would not follow commands (as if she has ever minded me;)  She is clearly looking around her room in a focused way.  Her right arm and leg are very active.  She moves her left arm very little and her left leg some.  I feel based on her MRI findings this will improve with time.  Needless to say my mood is much more upbeat today than yesterday and do apologize for my emotional lability.  I am much more encouraged that My Little Darlin is mounting a comeback.  Another TIGT, she is completely off ventilator support.  In other words she is breathing entirely on her own.  She is at 30% oxygen (room air is 21%) but her blood oxygen saturation is 100%.  Nutrition is going well and fever is improving.  She still has a long road to walk but I think she is lacing up her shoes.  We have a lot more adventures to enjoy. We will be growing old (but not feeble) together.

Our immediate future plans have obviously  been placed on hold.  I have told of several of our adventures cone over the years.  To give you an idea of the "Life is For Doing Stuff" philosophy that My Little Darlin lives by,  she had solidly on her schedule a MS 150 ride(150 mile bike ride) in Maine for June.  This was going to be done with our friend Kim who was riding with her when she was run down four weeks ago.  She was to be doing the Ford Florida Ironman (2.4 mile swim, 112 mile bike ride, 26.2 mile run) triathlon in November.  We are also signed up for the Walt Disney World marathon (26.2 mile run) in January.  She was also planning to take the Law School Admission Exam early next year and apply for law school (she just wanted to). She has a bit of harder training (rehab) for another race (Life/stuff) to do instead of these events but just "Wait Til Next Year".  Her battle is not even close to being over but it is looking like just another one of her challenges to tackle.

I am serious about having some good come from what happen to Jan.  The first two are problems that have been and need continued addressing, the third is a passion.  All three involve Life and Death.  These are; 

1.   Share the road / 3 foot law awareness.  People that do not ride a bicycle, run, walk or work on or near the roadway commonly do not notice those who do.  This is not out of indifference or because they are bad people in any way.  These activities are just not part of their life.  An example of the point I am trying to make is if you decide to buy a particular type of car.  When you start the shopping process for that specific car you start noticing just how many of that model there are.  Bicyclist, runners, walkers and road workers see each other, they all know what it feels like to be buzzed either accidentally or on purpose.  They all give each other plenty of room.  Bottom line making others who do not participate in these activities aware would help us all.  There are a few either hateful and angry people and or people of low intelligence that I do not have the answer for.
2.  Put the Cell Phone down while driving.  I would like to see all cell phone use outlawed while driving.  A friend suggested it may be easier to enact a law if it allowed hands free.  Even if you are hands free with an ear bud you still have to look at the cell to dial or answer and in that time it is like texting and you can or will be distracted enough to kill someone.  Hands free has also been shown to impair you while driving. The law should include harsh criminal penalty similar to drunk driving if you harm or kill someone while using a cell phone.  A harsh penalty is the only way to get people to do the right thing.  
3.  Get off the couch.  This tragedy stems from My Little Darlin promoting and living by example a healthy lifestyle.  I am frustrated by the number of diseases that I must deal with as a physician that are preventable.  At the hospital I try to encourage everyone (patients and co-workers) to improve their lifestyle and they will improve their health.  Unfortunately most want the quick "pill" fix.  This treats the symptoms but not the cause.  I make our living as a physician and try to encourage people about what to do that will keep them away from people like me (physicians).  I believe one of the best gifts you can be given is your health but few do anything to help themselves maintain it.  Our bicycle shop Boardtown Bikes is a passion.  Our objective has been for it to be self sustaining (pay the utilities and employees). Jan does not take a salary.  She works in it for the love of it.  Trust me it is an expensive hobby but we love that shop and would not change a thing.   If someone comes in they are interested in doing something fun and good for themselves.  They are happy and trying to be healthy (TIGT).  If you are around people that live a healthy and active lifestyle then you can not help but want to be part of that.  Trust me this is better than being in the hospital all day.  There are a lot of people in poor health out there and they do not have to be.  It is not rocket surgery !!!

Since this happened to Jan I sense the Share the Road and 3 foot law awareness has taken new life (TIGT).  It needs to be perpetual.   I have a mission to get cell phone use while driving and enact harsh criminal penalties for anyone  injuring someone while driving and using a cell phone.  I  know nothing about this process and will need help.  This is the right thing to do.  Lives are on the line.

Thank you all for reading and keeping up with My Little Darlin, I do read all of your comments and they are appreciated


I love My Little Darlin, She is my solemate


  1. Every time I read your updates my heart aches a little more. Such senselessness. I agree with the cell phone (how about we add GPS and DVR's) too. Hands free is the "law" in many states but answering, finding, dialing, etc distracts. Programming GPS, looking for DVD's for kids, all take attention from the road. The commercial I saw that lets you update Facebook from your car made me cry.

    3 feet - is it enough? Not many follow, but think about it 3 feet is the distance from your nose to the tip of your index finger (yes on almost everyone). that is still awfully close for these huge cars and trucks to ride to us.

    I continue to pray for Jan's recovery

  2. Go Jan Go! We are pulling for you every day!
    Melissa and the Blufish crew

  3. I can't believe how often this story appears. When will the prosecutors and DA's begin enforcing laws and protecting those of us that choose to risk our lives on our bikes? I hope your wife recovers and is able to ride again one day. I trust the doctors and nurses to bring her back to you, and her strength to pull through.

    Be safe-MC