Monday, June 27, 2011

My Little Darlin, PT day 35, by David

It has been 5 weeks.
Not a whole lot of change this morning.  She continues to talk a lot most of it being nonsensical rambling.  Her voice and words are clear.  She will focus on any individual when addressed directly.  She may or may (usually will not) not give an appropriate response.  She does pick up on things that would surprise you.  Such as yesterday afternoon the television was on the movie playing was Paul Blart Mall Cop (I think this was the title).  I had not noticed it but she kept repeating the title.  I walked in and she read the name on my shirt without being prompted.  She spontaneously brings up subjects from out of nowhere such as dogs we have had,  mentioned one of my old partners from when I was in Jackson and frequently asks for  milk.   She is being given ice chips only for now.  As soon as her diet is advanced further I will definitely get her some milk.  This morning she is constantly chattering in a somewhat agitated way for unknowns reasons.  She did fall asleep after being given a bath.  There are times when I see her doing and saying some of the things she does that make me smile because they come out cute and funny but the longer it goes on the more disheartened I get.  I know she will get better and still believe she can come back as my former Little Darlin but it is still very hard to see her like this.  Do not get me wrong, this is so much better than she was five weeks ago and even one week ago.  I keep having to remind my self be patient.  There will be improvement just it will be slow.  Physical therapy has had her sitting on the side of the bed for short periods.  She "does not like it".  Her right arm and both legs are very active, not much left arm movement.  Still hoping that will improve.  The only tubular device that she still has penetrating her skin is her PEG tube and is still being fed through this.  Do not want to advance giving her food by mouth too fast for risk of aspiration which would be a major setback.  I suspect though she is not far from normal eating.

With prompting Mr Allgood is looking further into the details of what happened with the crash.  I have talked to a very close friend of mine who tells me Mr Allgood takes very seriously what he does and truly wants to do the right thing.  He is bound by Mississippi law.   I trust what my friend tells me as much as I trust my own brother.  I will be patient and await his reevaluation of the situation.

After Jan's health and well being the next most important things which I will continue to harp on are for all who follow this to never forget what, why, and how this happened so that we can all do what we can to limit this from happening to any one else.  Not only should this not happen to someone as a victim but for most normal people doing this to someone would be psychologically devastating.  Continue to practice and preaching  "Share the road" giving anyone exposed plenty of room.  It should never have to be about the law, it is a life.  It is someone's wife, husband, son, daughter, mother, father or friend.  If they are on the road biking, running or walking it may be their only means of transportation.  They are more likely doing something to improve their health or simply are eco conscious.  No matter if they are out there it is a good thing and they should not have to do it with fear of harm.   I realize that those who do not participate in this type of activity do not notice those who do so much.  If more people got off the couch and became more physically active it would domino.  If you participate in one of these activities your health will improve and you will become more aware of others doing the same while you drive.  Also the more people out there doing it the more aware others are and it may even motivate even more to do it.  Who knows it may even someday become the norm instead of an oddity.  The other way to decrease the risk of this from happening is to decrease the distractions while driving.  Primary problem in my opinion is the !%@$# cell phone.  Next time you are out driving notice how many people have their phone up to their ear.  Pay attention to how many of these people would have put you in harms way had you not been paying attention.  This can not be policed entirely but if law enforcement can ticket for not wearing a seat belt why not this.  Wearing a seat belt only protects those who wear it.  Talking on a cell puts an innocent bystander at risk.  I believe you should be able to do to yourself what you want, survival of the fittest / smartest is a good thing.  No one has the right to put an innocent at risk.  Cell phone use while driving should be banned all together.  I seriously doubt that will happen suspecting the way the majority think (until something like what happened to Jan happens to someone close to them, do not think it will not happen to you because it will) in Mississippi any time soon.  I have had several suggest hands free may be ok.  This still increases the risk.  If it is not a totally hands free system with voice activation then you are still looking at that phone and you are still at significant risk of harming someone.  There is still increase risk even with total voice activation.  In any event I feel the proposed amendment to the 3 foot law making it a felony if killing or seriously injuring someone is a very good start.  Would be good to add to that felony charges if doing it while on a cell phone.

Thank you all for your concern of My Little Darlin.  We are on our way to Atlanta in the morning.


I Love My Little Darlin, we still have a lot of stuff to do

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  1. "Such as yesterday afternoon the television was on the movie playing was Paul Blart Mall Cop (I think this was the title). I had not noticed it but she kept repeating the title. "

    I have to wonder if she's not saying these seemingly obvious things to let you know that she is clearly aware of her surroundings.

    Following your blog and praying for speedy recovery and some peace for you guys.