Monday, June 20, 2011

My Little Darlin, PT day 27, by David

I have seen My beautiful Little Darlin on every possible visit on every day she has been in this place for the past 27 days.  Her body is clearly healing.  She is no longer of at immediate risk of dying from her injuries.  Now I can not get out of my mind the possibility of a fate worse than death. This is killing me.  For the past few days her versed has been at a much lower level than it was for a few weeks.  Each morning and each visit I go in hoping to see a light in her eyes.  I still have not seen it yet.  I desperately need a tiny bit of encouragement (from her) to know she is there. I am down at the time and will get better I think,  just want to know she will.   Her Neurosurgeon who I have very high respect for tells me to have patience.   I believe him but it does not make it any easier.   This is the definition of despair.  We will soon be looking into going to a neuro rehab center.  Not sure of time line.  It will likely be Shepard Center in Atlanta a dedicated Brain and spine injury center.    I can not write any more than this today, this is hurting too bad.  I know many worry about me along with Jan.  Thank you but I will be ok.  Keep praying for My Little Darlin.

I love My Little Darlin

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