Monday, May 30, 2011

PT Day 2, by David

Update on my Little Darling Jan
by Jan Morgan on Tuesday, May 24, 2011 at 8:15am
Good morning, This is David. It can be difficult for me to write any of this because I intermittently get very emotional as I am at the moment. I am as we all are desperate for some good news. The good today is that the bleeding she had in her brain is stable and pressure in her brain remains good. The not so good is she is having fever now which is not surprising. I suspect lungs as source. She is on antibiotics that will hopefully keep this at bay. Her hg/hct(blood concentration) dropped last night and she is going to need another transfusion. Not sure why it decreased but she has no bleeding site. It may be dilution since she is requiring a lot of fluid to help her blood pressure. A lot of the fluid is seeping into her soft tissues causing swelling. This is not surprising with the trauma she has suffered. Thank you all for your concern and prayers. Jan and I need all we can get. I feel desperate, helpless and hurt like I have never hurt before. To see your beloved little darling like this and to know how senseless it was to have happened is almost too much to bear.

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