Wednesday, August 3, 2011

My Little Darlin' - PT Day 72 - Home - (by Jan)

David was only sightly annoyed when he walked into the bathroom and found out that I had taken a shower and gotten dressed BY MYSELF!!  He is learning that I am becoming more and more independent.

We drove to Jackson where I got a root canal in a back molar damaged at the time of my impact... Yippee!!

Tomorrow we will return to Jackson and spend the night with my son Derek and his family.  That will put us only about 1 mile from our appointment at Quest at 8:00a.m. Thursday.  At this appointment I will be evaluated by the whole team of therapiists.  At some point after this evaluation, they will put together a plan of therapy for me.  We have no idea how long my outpatient therapy will last, but I am totally comitted to making it work.  I told them that I am signed up to do the Disney World Marathon in January.  I want to complete it.

My plan is to have the therapists "BRING IT".  I will kick butt and take names, and show them what I've got!!  A little brain damage won't keep me down!!


I Love My Husband


  1. Jan, I wish I had even half your strength. You are an amazing person. Kick butt! Take names! Put 'em on the list!

  2. Every day I ride my bike, which is about everyday I will hold happy thoughts of you and your recovery/training for the Disney World Marathon. You go!

  3. David and Jan,

    I just read your article in Grist and my heart fills up and goes out to you both. I work for a biking org. in Columbus, Ohio. I do not own a car. I have chosen my two feet.
    Thank you for sharing your story. I will continue to share this along with educating and making everyone around me aware that a persons life is more important than ones destination.

    Much love to you both,
    Jess Mathews

  4. Get well soon! From one cyclist who's seen too many bike/vehicle accidents.

    The world would be more fun, safe and cleaner if there were more bikes and less cars.

  5. Amazing.

    You are simply amazing.

  6. Doesn't it feel great to be able to shower by yourself? You are gonna be just fine! Keep that fighting spirit and you can do anything!!!

  7. How about an update? Hopefully Jan's doing so well that there's no need to continue with the blog!

  8. Hi Dave, I agree with your wife's comments about you. You are a man that is showing greatness under very difficult circumstances. Keep up your loving actions and more important keep things into perspective. One day, when you are 80, you and your wife will have a lot of stories to share together.

    My wife had an brain hemorrhage 6 years ago, and we are still learning to live with the consequences of a damaged brain. It has taken us patience, patience and then more patience and love to re-invent our lives together. Yeah, I had to lose some things, but it was worth it.

    Best wishes and prayers for the both of you.
    Eric + Jan (from Canada)

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